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Our Tribal Network

The UCUT’s five member tribes collaborate to communicate and resolve common issues and concerns. Our leadership model allows UCUT to rehabilitate and maintain crucial wildlife corridors and ways of life, through the sharing of resources and efforts for the benefit of the whole region.



1 day ago

"One difficulty with the reservoir is that it highly fluctuates between high and low water levels by almost 20 metres ... This fluctuation can cause problems with future habitat restoration in the ... See more

While the Columbia River channel hasn’t changed, the ecology has greatly due to Hugh Keenleyside Dam

2 days ago

“These expenditures have to be done now. There are lots of things in life you can put off for a decade. This is not one of them … This is a one-time shot.”

In a broad, billion-dollar bold request, Washington state's governor says it's time to act to save the whales.