For thousands of years, the Columbia River Basin relied on salmon as a keystone species that are integral to the health of humans, wildlife, fish, habitat and water quality. The loss of salmon irreparably harmed indigenous peoples, impacting their diets and health, lifestyles and culture.

UCUT is working to protect salmon by supporting their reintroduction into the Upper Columbia River. We will work with existing dams and infrastructure to find solutions that will support the health of salmon while maintaining the benefits these dams provide.

Following are some of our efforts to move salmon restoration forward:

  • 2015 – Upper Columbia River Basin Fish Passage and Reintroduction Phase I Work Plan – When the Northwest Power and Conservation Council amended its Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program to investigate reintroducing anadromous fish back into the main stem Columbia River reaches and tributaries in the U.S., UCUT developed a revised draft work and coordination plan to initiate these investigations. UCUT’s phase 1 work plan proposes 11 objectives and 36 tasks to gather sufficient background information on scientific feasibility, possible cost, and habitat potential.
  • Coming 2018 – Upper Columbia River Basin Fish Passage and Reintroduction Phase I Report – Member tribes of UCUT are currently drafting a Phase 1 Reconnaissance-level report that will address the many aspects of anadromous fish reintroduction above Chief Joseph and Grand Coulee dams. A draft report is scheduled for review this summer. Important components of the Phase 1 report are complete, including a review of fish passage technologies as well as risk, donor stock, and multiple habitat assessments—all of which will guide the reintroduction decision-making process.


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