We are requesting proposals for two projects related to our United Tribes Wildlife Monitoring and Evaluation Program (UWMEP). The objective of UWMEP is to conduct wildlife and habitat monitoring to assess the effectiveness of restoration activities across ownerships of our five member tribes in northeastern Washington and northern Idaho.

Click to download the following UWMEP RFP and Exhibit documents:

  • UWMEP RFP 1 – Request for proposals from vendors to implement the field data collection portion of the UCUT UWMEP.
  • UWMEP RFP 2 – Request for proposals from vendors to provide data analysis and to generate an annual report for the UCUT UWMEP.
  • Exhibit A – UWMEP monitoring methods
  • Exhibit B – Sample contract
  • Exhibit C – UWMEP 2018 report
  • Exhibit D

To be considered for the engagement, the proposal must be received by Marc Gauthier, Forest Practices Coordinator, UCUT, 25 W. Main Suite 434, Spokane, WA 99201,, on or before October 15, 2018. The UCUT reserves the right to reject any or all proposals submitted. Proposals submitted will be evaluated by selected individuals from the UCUT. Additional and/or supplemental information to assist in the preparation of proposals is being included as “Exhibit 1-3” with this RFP.

The awarded vendor will be obligated and authorized to sign and/or enter into a contract with the UCUT; regarding the scope of work listed in this request for proposal; the UCUT may elect to continue the relationship with the prospective vendor through an annual contract renewal.


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